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Whether you’re a writer, designer, artist, photographer (or any other idea generator), we fall into the collective category of ‘creative professionals’. While we clearly identify with the first half of this term, nurturing the second doesn’t always come quite as naturally…

Being a creative professional means that in order to succeed it’s your responsibility to market yourself and your skills. One key component of that is promotion and networking, not just within your industry but also with other professionals who may be looking for your services. Potential clients want to know you’re credible, that you have experience, and they want to be able to find you! Cue: LinkedIn. 

Before you write it off as ‘just an online resume’ or ‘strictly for corporate types’, hear me out. Over 300 million professionals are currently using LinkedIn – it is the platform for networking. And, your skills and experience are immediately interpreted through the rose coloured glasses of professionalism. Half of your work is already done!

Here are 5 tips to get your creative profile started:

1. Tell Your Story

Yes, your profile should be professional, but certainly not boring… As a creative, tell your story in a compelling way and you’ll stand out from the corporate crowd. Pay particular attention to the Summary portion of your profile where you can break away from the otherwise prescriptive layout.

2. Profile Personality

Just because it’s for LinkedIn, doesn’t mean you have to wear a crisp collared shirt against a plain backdrop in your profile photo. Your photo represents you and your personal brand, so align it with who you are. Find a balance between looking professional and showing your personality.

3. Display It

Showcasing your work is the best way to really demonstrate your skill. With Creative Portfolio Display, you can add your work right to your profile – everything from portfolio pieces to presentations to videos. Check it out!

4. Follow Inspiration

At the end of the day, LinkedIn is a networking tool, so be sure follow companies and people that you are inspired by. Also be sure to check out the LinkedIn Pulse to discover news and insights published by other professionals.

5. Be Active

LinkedIn may be for professionals, but it is still a social media platform. This means you need to be active in order to reap the benefits. Remember to like, comment, share, post and publish!

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