Project Description

Rethink – Magazine

  • Semifinalist, 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards – Print Communications

Rethink magazine is both, a medium and a vehicle, for reconsidering the way that print design impacts the environment. The magazine is printed on recycled paper, single-sided then folded and bound on the open edge using metal screw posts. The metal screw posts are easily separated from the paper in the recycling process and re-used, unlike traditional glues used for perfect binding. In addition, the magazine can be re-used afterwards, by the user, as a notebook/sketchbook. This is facilitated via the single-sided printing and gives the user two options – either unscrew the posts and fully reverse the pages, or slice the pages at the folded edge. This extra feature extends the magazine lifecycle beyond recyclability to include two uses.

  • Project Details

Client: York University
Target: Eco-conscious Millennials
Format: Printed
Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Vendor: The Printing House