The Art of Being Green – Festival 2017-11-26T00:17:33-05:00

Project Description

The Art of Being Green – Festival

The Art of Being Green festival raises awareness about our reliance on traditional energy sources, and promotes becoming more independent and eco-friendly. The festival showcases local, provincial and national businesses and group efforts to reduce our economic footprint. The goal of the festival is to encourage families to focus on renewable energy, sustainability, climate change, and slow food issues and teach them how to live environmentally, based on these issues.

This system was designed for the Toronto-based, annual, Art of Being Green Festival and included a programme, ticket and poster. The challenges of this project included the handling of copious amounts of information in two different languages and translating a design aesthetic across variously sized pieces.

  • Project Details

Client: York University
Target: Eco-conscious Families
Format: Printed
Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop
Vendors: The Printing House