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Let me just start with the fact that I love TED Talks. They really are ideas worth spreading. Being such a big brand, it’s easy to forget that TED Talks is a non-profit organization with a devotion to the free sharing of ideas (how can you not love TED?). TED Talks has created a passionate global community that believes ideas can change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.

…Well, I’m not sure about the world, but I do know the effect TED Talks has on myself, and I suppose that’s where bigger change starts right? Recently, the short 3:27 TED Talk, featured above, by Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google, caught my attention.

What Matt Cutts suggests is simple, use the next 30 days to challenge yourself to accomplish something. By setting, sustainable goals we are more likely to achieve them. Now, this isn’t a new concept—the video was posted in 2011, has over 5 million views and has since fostered various initiatives. One example, if you’re not already familiar with the #100HappyDays Challenge tag from your Twitter or Instagram feed, is no doubt a similar concept and also worth a try!

I was definitely inspired by this idea and I think you should be too! I love goals and lists and new things and I don’t like to be idle for too long…seems only right that I give this 30 Day Challenge a try. If the first 30 days goes well, then I might just try something new for the next 30 days…and then who knows, I might be climbing Mount Kilmanjaro too (ok, probably not).

Today, May 1st, is the beginning of my first 30 Day Challenge: Draw Each Day. I love drawing, and used to spend most of my spare time doing it (before the business of life got in the way). Well, I’ve been meaning to take it up again, and this is the perfect opportunity.

Try it yourself and see what you can accomplish in 30 days. Here’s a list to help you get some ideas going:

  • photo each day
  • compliment each day
  • speak to someone new each day
  • daily thought journal
  • daily laughter journal
  • give up alcohol
  • give up TV / social media
  • listen to a new song each day
  • national novel writing month
  • take time for yourself
  • new outfit each day
  • Karma Yoga (daily selfless service)
  • send handwritten letter/postcards
  • cut out caffeine
  • positive thought each day
  • draw a picture each day
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